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Meet Denice Hewlett

I'm Denice Hewlett, a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience spanning over three decades within the corporate environment. Over the course of my extensive career, I've keenly observed the nuanced challenges that professionals grapple with as they strive to balance their myriad commitments and attain comprehensive success.


In my role as a compassionate empowerment coach, I am dedicated to working with individuals who, like you, are navigating the complexities of professional life. If you're a seasoned professional seeking positive transformation while juggling the intricate dance of family, friends, and personal hobbies you've come to the right place.


Having honed my skills in high-pressure corporate settings, I fully appreciate the unique demands that the corporate environment places on individuals. My coaching philosophy goes beyond professional aspirations, extending to the delicate art of balancing family, fostering meaningful connections with friends, and ensuring that personal hobbies contribute to a well-rounded life.

Together, we will navigate not only your career path but also explore strategies to harmonize your personal life. Equipping you with practical tools and strategies informed by both my extensive corporate experience and coaching proficiency, we'll work towards achieving success that encompasses every facet of your life.


My coaching approach is grounded in empathy, active listening, and a profound understanding of the challenges that arise when seeking to achieve work-life balance within the corporate world. Step into a supportive and collaborative coaching environment designed to encourage your growth, foster transformation, and enable you to find equilibrium amid the various elements of your life.


I firmly believe that a fulfilling life extends beyond the professional realm. Let's embark on this journey together, leveraging your vast professional background to redefine success and achieve a harmonious balance encompassing family, friends, and the activities you love. Your pursuit of empowerment and fulfillment, both professionally and personally, begins now.

Who is Denice Hewlett

Welcome to my world! I currently call the suburbs of Philadelphia home, where I reside with my wonderful family. Meet the crew: Tom, my husband, and our three amazing children, Cassie, Bri, and Nick. Oh, and let's not forget our beloved golden retrievers, Kobe, Bandit, and Nala. We're a family always on the move, driven by our shared love for the great outdoors.


Our days are filled with adventures, from engaging in lively games of pickleball to exploring scenic hiking trails, hitting the biking paths, and indulging in various dog-related activities. For us, family comes first, serving as a guiding force in all aspects of life.


In the midst of this active lifestyle, I've come to cherish the importance of self-care. Whether it's savoring a delightful cup of Starbucks hot chocolate, treating myself to all things chocolate, enjoying a shopping spree, or going on long, leisurely walks, I believe in finding those moments of balance and joy.


Beyond the hustle and bustle, you'll find me reveling in vacations, exploring mountainous terrain, getting lost in a good book, and occasionally, indulging in the comfort of Hallmark movies. These are the simple pleasures that add that perfect touch of balance and enjoyment to my life.

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